Special dish around West Lake in Hanoi

Located in the north of Hanoi city center with the total area of about 500 hectares,  West Lake was a relaxation place for the Kings during Vietnam’s former dynasties in the past. Ho Tay is a famous destination that visitor should spend the time to discover when you traveling to Hanoi. West Lake is one of the best attractive places in Hanoi day Tour. Going around and tasty West Lake specialty will be unforgettable memories

West Lake Ice Cream 

Due to plenty of seating inside by the lake, it seems most customers prefer the takeaway option, sitting on vehicles or standing in the shade of the many trees which line the pathway. not paying for parking, it is worth the toot of a horn or getting your toes run over.

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Ho Tay Ice cream is near the northern end of the street, opposite Tran Quoc Pagoda, and besides the crowds outside, is easily spotted by its flashing neon sign, which alternately reads Kem, Kem Ho, Kem Ho Tay, and may or may show a visual of a bowl of ice cream

West Lake shrimp pancake

During Hanoi Tour, it is amazing to enjoy shrimp pancake at West Lake at sunset in summer. It’s true as name, the main West Lake shrimp pancake’ ingredient is shrimp from the West Lake fresh water on light brown crackers seems to be very crispy

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Taste of shrimp, the delicious taste of crackers and sour, spicy sauce with the belostomatid essence all remind of the smooth flavor at the tip of the tongue.

The dinner could take a bite of the cake together with cold beer and enjoy the nice smell coming from the stove and the breeze blowing from the lake.

The ways of selling and enjoying shrimp fried pancakes are also different from the previous ones. However, the shrimp fried pancake of West Lake still keeps its traditional flavor and taste so that whoever wanting to enjoy is surprised at the hot, cracker cake dipped in salty, sweet, sour and spicy sauce.

Sizzling cake ( Banh Xeo)

Banh Xeo is made from rice flour, water, and curry powder, stuffed with slivers of pork, shrimp, diced green onion, and bean sprouts. It is usually served for a snack for Vietnamese had halfway through the morning, afternoon or late evening. In the different areas from the north to the south of Vietnam, there are some changes in using ingredients making Banh Xeo.

Fried Pho with stir -fried pig stomach 

Unlike the normal Hanoi noodles or Pho, fried pho with stir-fried pig stomach is made from crackly fried Pho and stir-fried pig stomach as an alternative to beef.

Somebody might think that it is such a weird combination, once eating it, the traveler will be addicted. Normally, they serve their customer a full set with a dish of a stir-fried stomach of pig adorned with red tomato, a dish of crunchy fried Pho, marinated cucumber and soybean sauce with fresh chili and garlic slices.