Special Gifts and Souvenir recommendation in Saigon

In Saigon Tour, Traveler had plenty of time to wander around the streets and while doing so, discovered some unique Special Gifts and Souvenir shops.Traveler can buy it comfortably on a tight budget because of low-priced and affordability

The Vietnam Traditional Long Dress (Ao Dai)

Ao Dai was originally applied to the outfit worn at the court of the Nguyễn Lords at Hue palace in the 18th  century. Ao Dai is famous all over the world for its unique design which improves the beauty of women who wear it. Ao Dai has become Vietnamese national costume and one of the most popular souvenirs from Vietnam. Many tourists come to Vietnam and have custom-made Ao Dai for themselves.

To make tailor made Ao Dai, you can consider some famous Saigon Dressmaker such as: Ao Dai Thiet Lap at Pasteur street, Ao Dai Nha at Pasteur street, Ao Dai Phuong at Pasteur street,  Ao Dai Nguyet at 31B Thủ Khoa Huân street,  Ao Dai Lien Huong at 111 Pasteur street,  Ao Dai Ngoc Chau at 148 Nguyen Thien Thuat street,  Ao Dai Thu Thuy at 269 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street,  Ao Dai Cham Khanh at 327 Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, Ao Dai Thuan Viet at 98 Ly Tu Trong.


Coming to Saigon, where silk originated and has been made for decades, it’s a must to buy some high-quality silk. Silk and its beautiful products (scarfs, clothes, handbags…) are special gifts to your friends and family.

Dried foods

There are hundreds of dried foods which are specialties in Vietnam. Some of the most popular are dried squid, beef jerky, fish jerky, dried jackfruit, dried banana, dried lotus seeds, dried coconut meat…

All of them are delicious. If you want to got it, you can find in Ban Thanh Market, China Town (Cho Lon at crossroads of Tran Phu street and An Duong Vuong street, District 5) or other Saigon market.

Bamboo souvenir

Bamboo symbolizes the strong spirit and energy of Vietnamese and the country. Bamboo products are used widely in Saigon because it’s cheap and environmentally friendly.

There are many bamboo products for visitor to buy such as bookmark, tray, cosmetic box… for souvenir and gift

Shell craft or wind chime

Shell craft – decorative objects or decorating surfaces made of seashells is also a good choice for tourists who travel to Saigon. All of them are designed and made by skilled Vietnamese artists.

Shell crafts are usually sold on Saigon beach. Or go ahead to Kim Bien or Binh Tay market area. Almost streets filled with the variety of goods with cheap price. Sometimes, traveler should like Chinese goods for its availability and cheap price

Hand fan

Made from the paper on a bamboo frame, hand- fan is a useful thing in Vietnamese life. It has played an important role in the country’s rich culture. Hand fans with calligraphy remind of Confucianism in Vietnam. For unchangeable demands, Saigon hand fans are made of paper or silk and decorated or painted are one of the best souvenirs in Saigon Tour.

In Saigon Tour, Traveler can discover handmade items, vintage goods, and craft supplies traveler can’t find anywhere else. Besides, can learn the stories of makers, designers, and curators.