Thu Le Park in Hanoi - Top travel tips before coming

Thu Le Park was constructed on 19 May 1975 and then grand opening to the public two years later. Thu Le Park has been renowned as another name Thu Le Zoo by most of the locals Hanoians, especially children. The park is a complex of Green Park, zoo and amusement park. The spacious park, Thu Le Park, and Zoo is a Hanoi favorite destination for traveler

What to see?

This park cum zoo’s  wild inhabitants consist of monkeys, big cats of the cat family and elephants. Some rare species of birds can also be blotchy nestled in the trees.The Park has got an exquisite collection of trees and small plants. For nature lovers and botanists, the park is an ideal place to make references for following research and study.The park grounds also provide for recreational facilities. Pedal Boats are available for boating around the lake and spot some rare species of water birds.

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There are a number of eateries located inside the park which provides for some delicious snacks for the visitors in Hanoi Tour. The park is a favorite among the children's for the animals as well as the various fun rides that are available within the park.
 Even if some of the animals are kept in cages proper care is ensured. This park cum the zoo authority monitors their health and they are well fed and loved. At the same time, the Zoo authority looks into the matter that the visitors behave nicely with the animals and not bother them. With its five exhibition areas, the zoo is now having 40 distinct animal houses with more than 600 animals of more than 100 species. Among which, 40 species are listed in Vietnam Red Book and many are special gifts from Europe, Africa, America, and Australia. Some rare animals being conserved here are Indo-Chinese tigers, lions, leopards, elephants, and hippos.

Besides, visitors might also attend more energetic outdoor activities in the park. During Thu Le park Tour, the most interesting one should be swan boat driving along its 6 hectares lakes which you may have the most romantic time with your partners.

Best right time for visiting Thu Le Part

Recommendation for the traveler to visit Thu Le Zoo should be during summer, in the afternoon when the sun is about to set.

This reason is the animals here are prone to come out sunbathing more frequently in summer; and to get out of the steamy sunlight, afternoon should be ideal. However, one disappointment of the park that it is a little bit smelly as a typical characteristic of a zoo.

How to get there?

Thu Le Park is very free to get only by traveling to the end of Kim Ma Road, right beside the renowned Hanoi Daewoo Hotel.

Thu Le park can be approached by both of its gates, one on Kim Ma Street and the other on BuoiRoad. Taxi and motorbike are the best types of vehicle while ones may get there by catching Bus No. 9