Top 5 must – remember tips for traveling to Ha Noi

Watching weather forecast before planning

hanoi tours - When planning a summer vacation, you should  check the weather at a destination to know how to pack and what kind of activities to prepare for. 

Hanoi climate belongs to tropical monsoon temperature type: hot summer with high rainfall and cold winter, rare of rain. Hanoi experiences four seasons a year. May to September are hot and rainy months. Dry winter lasts from November to March next year. Autumn and Spring are transition seasons of April to October. The weather changes follow four seasons, which contribute to the diversified feature of Ha Noi’s climate. So making sure that you bring an umbrella, raincoat in the rainy season and have on sunglass, sunblock cream in summer.
 Changing your money into Vietnam Dong for transportation and restaurant

Normally you can go to a travel agency, a bank or simply an ATM in Hanoi for currency exchange. We also recommend that you should pay attention to the charged fee, which depends on each particular place of exchange

Learning how to ride a Motorbike in Ha Noi

How to make a good Reservation in Ha Noi hotels

The first thing you have to master if you stay in Hanoi is learning how to ride a Motorbike . Riding a motorbike in Hanoi is no easy task. So Apro Travel give you  some key points on how to drive like a true Hanoian: Don’t bother checking your mirrors, or replacing them when they get knocked off, overtake or undertake just before turning, and at the peak make sure you know “the Boss” or at least someone who knows him in case you are stopped by the police. After all, you can say  riding a motorbike in Vietnam can also be quite fun.

Using map/ smartphone to move you in the right direction

 Using directions by Google Maps, Road Trip Planner allows you to not only enter your start and end points to get detailed driving directions, you can also pick the time you are leaving to see hourly weather forecasts along your route. Especially,  If you ask Google Maps for directions when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection and then go offline, you can continue to follow the directions and view your location on the map completely offline. Only searching for directions requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Avoiding the hotel trap

Making sure you have the correct address of the hotel and not just the name  because in Viet Nam , If a hotel in becomes popular, more hotels will spring up with the same name.  It is a common scam for a hotel to double their price on checkout and claim that the quoted price was for only one person. Do not pay any attention to the touts who offer you hotel or accommodations when you walk along the street in Vietnam