Top 8 Hanoi’s dishes you should try when joining Hanoi city tours

Hanoi’s cuisines

Before Joining Hanoi day tours, you should read the tips : Hanoi tour experience, fully detail and information .

Pho - Hanoi ( Noodle soup) cuisine

The top famous cuisine in Hanoi is Pho, Every tourist who travelled in Hanoi should try it at least one time, because this is the culture dish of Hanoian from centuries. Pho Hanoi there are many types of which have to mention about, such as beef noodle soup ( Lo Duc street, Sword lake) , chicken noodle soup ( Quan Thanh , Ton Duc Thang ) , pan-fried noodles ( Bat Dan ) or rolled noodle (West Lake )... Each type Pho has its own unique flavor but very tasty and appealing . If joining Hanoi day tour without enjoying pho,you shall be seem never visit Hanoi.

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Bún Chả - Grilled pork with Vermicelli Recipe

Bun cha is considered familiar dishes from Hanoi, received a lot of fantastic comment from dosmestic and abroad travellers, and This was listing of 10 best street food in the world. Bun cha Hanoi have extremely traditional flavor,

Enjoy patties and vermicelli soaked with tasty spices sauce and crunchy green papaya, that makes many tourists admiring, appreciative . Not only attractive local people that foreign visitors should also fascinated this dish when visit Hanoi tours .

Address : 34 Hang Than Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Huong Lien Restaurant  - as know as Obama USA president visit in 2016

Bún thang  Hà Nội – Hanoi Vermicelli Soup with Chicken, Egg, Pork

Bun thang simple and classic dish of Hanoi but very feat . The main material of bun thang include shredded chicken breast , julienne silk rolls , omelets served with thin rice noodles . Perhaps the appeal of bun thang is a combination between pink of silk rolls , white gold and yellow flesh of fried eggs. For connoisseurs of culinary Hanoi noodle dish should not to be missed

Address : Restaurant No. 32 and 48 Cau Go Str.

Bánh Tôm Hồ Tây - West Lake shrimp cake  the delicious food for Hanoi tours

Shrimp cakes which is expensive dish in the Capital city, a simple dish and especially the local hanoian. Shrimp cakes should to be enjoy when it’s hot. Visitors will feel the taste crispy and not fishy shrimp , served with sour sauce, sweet and spicy.

Address : West Lake shrimp cake restaurant , Thanh Nien Street , Tay Ho District, Ha Noi


Cha Ca La Vong grilled chopped fish - typical dishes of the Ha Thanh

As longstanding dishes made ​​from hemibagrus, nowadays usually made ​​of snakehead . grilled chopped fish served with toasted bread , noodles and herbs and sprinkle fat , roasted peanuts , it is fantastic . Cha Ca La Vong more delicious when served with shrimp sauce , but you can also replace it with fish sauce .

Address : Shop Cha Ca La Vong , 14 Cha Ca

Bánh cuốn Thanh Trì - Thanh Tri Rolled Cake

Rolls Cake are simple dishes , familiar , not fussy but subtle as Hanoian and Thanh Tri rolled cake is like a culinary charm of an citadel. Thanh Tri rolled cake coated with a thin layer cleverly into the sauce and served with grilled chopped meat and herbs . We can say that anyone can enjoy Rolled Cake, this dish is suitable for all ages , all genders .

With balmy flavor, easy to eat and not fat each, Rolled Cake fascinated many tourists

Address : 62 To Hien Thanh Street , Hanoi

Bánh cốm Làng Vòng - Bread crumb

Fresh green nuggets with balmy fragrance makes the appeal of VongVillage’s bread crumb . We can say the bread crumb is a quintessential gift from Hanoi people for centuries , often in the wedding festivities. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi once so enjoy Vong Village bread crumb.

Bún đậu mắm tôm -Vermicelli, tofu with shrimp sauce. 

We can affirm that vermicelli - tofu with shrimp sauce is one of the most typical dishes of the people of Ha Thanh. It is a combination of soft fresh vermicelli, crispy fried tofu with shrimp sauce, fat and herbs . Hanoi vermicelli-tofu with shrimp sauce is known for the street food , perhaps this is the peculiarities of the local seller vermicelli-tofu with shrimp sauce.

Address : 39A Ly Quoc Su , Hanoi

Summary, the 8 Hanoi‘s dishes when you try to enjoy and feel all the essence of capital resident's culinary. That not only helps you relaxing during your Hanoi city day tours , but also learn more about the Hanoi's cuisine.