Top amazing experience in Ba Na Hill

Da nang day trips - Ba Na Hills was a 45-minute car ride distance from Da Nang and the location was rather isolated in a glance. It is the most well-known destination in Da Nang Vietnam since the combination of recreational tourism, resort, spirituality.

Top view of Son Tra Peninsula

 Ba Na Hills lies 1487m to the sea level, being located in the southwest and about 25km from Da Nang center. There were impressive views from the mountain cable car and then our initial stop allowed us to see the old Buddhist monuments, which were very interesting Cable car ride was great. Here, some best experience in Ba Na Hill

Experiences Ba Na cable cars 

Temporary, Ba Na cable cars hold two Guinness World Records: the world’s longest single cable car system (5,042.62 m long) and the world highest gap between its departure and arrival station (1,291.81 m high). There are 2 distinct routes by Cable car to the hilltop of Ba Na. The most common one: start from Suoi Mo Station, you will spend around 20 minutes trip on the 5042m long cable car system. Then you will stop at Ba Na station, go out, if you turn right, you can go to the balcony with amazing view of Danang City and the cable car system.

Top view of Son Tra Peninsula

Then, if you want to visit the D’Amor Flower Gardens, you need to buy the funicular ticket, which is 70.000 VND ( 3,5 USD), enjoy 5 mins trip on the funicular to the top funicular station, where you can walk down and enjoy the beauty of different flower gardens.They also offer the French Wine Cellar, great view from the good days, but the taste of wine is average, not really special. You can choose 2nd way by turning right to go to Morin Hotel, traveler has a great chance of watching tower where you can be extremly stunned by the scenery. Or simply enjoy the moments with morin spa center that very close to the watching tower. To get overview of Danang beauty spot, you need prepare sweaters and beanies as the local weather changes and the temperature decreases when you get higher. In addition to,  staying overnight at Morin hotel and French Village to truly experience the atmosphere.

Experience mountaint climbing train services

Range price from 50.0000d  per ticket (for children from 12 -15 months) to  70.000 VND for adults; and children under 1 meter are free. Obviously, if the family has children, it was very eager you are to the vessel. When adult children should also keep prevent a fall due to brake or stop the train.

Best experience in Danang Tour

Ba Na Hill mountain climbing train can accommodate 80 people, with schedule a trip per 15 minutes, long cable runs over 400m on the mountainside feels quite new for you, though crowded, but also not going to wait too Hot Pot

Visiting the wax museum

It exhibited copies of politicians, celebrities from all over the world. It will be interesting when you can meet and take pictures with scientists such as Albert Einstein, President Obama, actors, football star, famous basketball: David Backham, Lionel Messi, the star power Jacky Chan photo ...

Admission fee is 100,000 per game for adults, and children over 1.3 m. Children under 1.3 m will be free tickets.