Top Churches In Saigon for Christmas Eve

Churches in Saigon were mostly built in the 19th century, often with mixture of French and Roman structure, Gothic architectural style of Medieval Europe. There are some constructions built to be emotional support for the French government, and some others to meet the spiritual needs of indigenous believers. Church is ideal destination of many tourists to enjoy Christmas air.

Notre-Dame de Paris 

Notre-Dame de Paris (Notre Dame Cathedral) is the largest church in the Saigon, completed in 1880, which is also known as the State Church due to the investment of the French colonial government. From beginning, the church is the place where set up official ceremonies, later was managed by the diocese of Saigon.

At that time, Notre Dame is considered the largest church in the French colonies; make of Marseille’s brick, stained glass and steel frame from France, combining with Bien Hoa green stone. The Roman-like doorway and Gothic arches are reminiscent of the great cathedral in Paris, Chartres, Reim.
Notre-Dame de Paris is absolutely no room for candles but full light by electric lights. The work started on October 7th, 1877 and was inaugurated on November 4th, 1880. Notre-Dame de Paris was designed in France, constructed by a French engineer named Bourad

Tan Dinh Cathedral

Situated at 289 Hai Bà Trưng street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and belongs to Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ho Chi Minh City.

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Tan Dinh Cathedral is a smaller church for the Vietnamese diocese, a typical blend of different French architectural styles, which was built and expanded in several stages. Tan Dinh church has beautiful architecture from the curved arches to the finely carved details. Renovation on December 16th, 1876, Tan Dinh Cathedral is among the earliest religious buildings in Saigon.

Huyen Sy Cathedral

Being the oldest and second largest in Saigon, Huyen Sy Cathedral was named after grandfather of queen Nam Phuong, the wife of Vietnam's last king. 

It is built around the prototype of a small French church. This is among few constructions that used Bien Hoa granite both in the facade and the base as well the columns. This stone is very strong, so it did not have the traditional decorative details but expressed wealthy desire.The church has new Gothic style in Saigon with tapered arches and some other special decorations.
There are windows on the wall but we hardly see a light, due to be screened. Behind the church there is the marble grave of Mr. and Mrs. Huyen Sy, who were the richest people at that time, had spent money for church building, so this church was named after them.

Cha Tam Cathedral

Well - known as Francis Xavier Cathedral in Cho Lon, Cha Tam Cathedral has the inside decoration much similar to a Chinese temple. On December 3rd, 1900, the death anniversary of St. Francis Xavier, Bishop Mossard had come here to put the first stone for the Chinese church - which is Francis Xavier Cathedral today.

On January 10th, 1902, a solemn inauguration has been jogged on. After building the church, the pastor Asson Tam also built a school, foster home, a boarding house, and several rental houses.

In Saigon, Christmas Eve is important than Christmas Day, so many local people like to turn into the city center, where there is a catholic Cathedral. Tourist coming to Saigon on this special Occasion will have great chance to experience Saigon’s architecture and lifestyle represent local traits.