Top dishes to eat in Ha Long Tour

Halong Bay Squid

Halong squid sausage is the most famous dish in Halong, which is considered as delicious dish by squids in special  abode of Halong Bay

Name after the main ingredient, Halong squid sausage with 80% squid. It is well-known for international tourists in Ha Long tour. However, it is said that no kind of squid can make the squid sausage as wonderful as Halong Bay’s squad. It must be fresh squid that is newly caught. The dish, therefore, will get the sharp and appealing tang.

The making process requires manual neat-handed and experience.Squid is ground manually and deftly and then fried in the moderate heat till it turns crispy and golden brown. This dish is recommended to serve with pure peppered fish sauce. The sweet fatty squish sausage will go with tasty sauce to tease your taste buds.

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Halong Bay Lobsters 

Halong is famous because of many kinds of seafood like not only squid but also  Lobster is always ready for tourist when going to Halong Bay. Lobsters’ meat is extremely firm and sweet, making sure that you will have an unforgettable impression when the first tasty. Lobsters have a huge of different weight, depending on the number of customers that the restaurant can serve.

In Halong, people make full use of lobster by using its shell as a decorating ornament, which is now available widely at any souvenir shops in Halong

In Halong, lobsters can be enjoyed in a unique way: drifting on the floating restaurant in Halong Bay, nibbling the dish and feeling the tang of the sea. Many dishes can be made from lobsters: fried lobster with salt, rice gruel with lobster, lobster salad or steamed lobster

Halong Bay Oysters

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Oyster is a nutrition-rich food and provides a lot of energy for your body. Inside its hard-shell is blood-like red bowel, which carries the most delicious and nutritious part of an oyster

The best way to enjoy oyster is to boil it, which could maintain its taste. Oyster is soaked with some blades of lemongrass into the pot and taken out right after air bubbles rise. To get its finest flavor. In Ha Long tour, you can enjoy immediately Halong Bay Oysters with beer

Fried Sea Snails With Chili Sauce 

Halong has many kinds of sea snails; each kind has its own processing and its own taste. But fried sea snail with chili sauce is the most attractive dish.

Fried Sea Snails has passionate sweet and steam. Snails turn pink with red dots, yellow dots and look nice. This dish tastes greasy, spicy hot, usually added with herbs. When drinking beer, it will be unforgettable feeling.

 Halong shrimp

There are two popular methods of shrimp processing in Halong, steaming and breaded frying. Steamed prawn is preferable because people love to enjoy the natural taste it provides. During the steaming, chefs have to hook up the prawns very carefully in order not to break its small claws, in combination with using additional ingredients like beer or tubers lemongrass to remove its fishy smell.