Top entertainment & recreation spot in Sai Gon

Unlike with many cultural and historical collections found in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city still has plenty to offer on the entertainment front. Here, top entertainment & recreation spot in Sai Gon tour

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Dam Sen Water Park

Saigon 's numerous water parks provide welcome relief when the temperature starts to soar. there is a fantastic opportunity to interact with Saigon residents. If you are a swim acholic, you  can’t miss this place there s the boomerang game

Opened in 1999, it now covers more than 50 ha on the corner of Lac Long Quan and Hoa Binh Street, and comprises various areas. Year by year, it has several new water slides added. Aquatic games and activities are much available here for all kinds of visitors. Water fountains, water puppet, water games, truly unique water slide experiences attract thousands of turns of guests. 

Saigon’s Walking Street

Nguyen Hue walking street or  Saigon’s Walking Street with a length of 900 m, a width of 60 m, ahead of People Committee Establishment of Ho Chi Minh city. It has become gathering place as well as interesting walking street of Ho Chi Minh city. An airy path, right in the center of the city, from here, traveler can visit many famous tourist attractions like Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Nha Rong wharf or go for a stroll around Vincom Plaza

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Put officially into operation on 29 April 2015. As schedule, on weekdays, vehicles are still allowed to run along Nguyen Hue street, but from 6 pm to 1 am on Saturday and Sunday, all kinds of vehicles are banned from traveling here.

The old Nguyen Hue Flower Street now becomes a square and the first walking street of Saigon. It just likes Saigon that is changing in every breath and in every moment. Despite changing, Saigon remains deep impression in the heart of tourists.

Nguyen Hue walking street is chosen as a place for big events of Ho Chi Minh city as a parade, meetings, street festivals, Nguyen Hue flower path. Moreover, this path also takes place activities of culture exhibitions, sport, art performances

Young Saigon people, aside from chatting with friends at coffee stores, now are able to leisurely walk on a foot street. Here, tourists can both take a stroll to avoid intense hot weather, a selfie with friends or arrange a dating with your half- apple. Saigon goes into the heart of tourists with such these simple things.

Lan Anh Music Stage

Located in 291 Cach mang Thang Tam, 10nd Ward, Lan Anh Music Stage is the most famous as well as the most sought after venue and the people who are responsible for its popularity are the people who make the best of their efforts to see to the fact that the audience returns back to their homes with a smile on every face.

The traveler can take the help of the local people or the local guides to know more about this music stage. Don’t forget to book tickets as soon as possible because these shows draw a large number of people, so to avoid the rush always book tickets in advance. In Saigon Tour, Believe or not, Lan Anh Music Stage would not disappoint you, rather it would compel you to appreciate its musical shows and performances.