Top Hanoi Souvenirs to buy


There is no choices of remarkable Hanoi trip except special gifts and Souvenirs, the one-thousand-year-old capital of Vietnam. The city offers the visitor a wide variety of items from authentic silk, ethnic minority souvenir to wooden products. This is recommendation souvenirs to buy in Hanoi.

1. Silk

Silk is one of the renowned locally made materials in Vietnam. situated on the edge of the Old Quarter near Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Gai Street consists of two or three blocks of small shops that all specialize in silk and embroidery.

The merchandise at the various stores is alike but the prices, selection, quality, and service is different.

 2. Ethnic Minority Products

Vietnam is home for 53 ethnic groups scattering mostly in the Northern hight and far away mountainous region in Vietnam and each group has its own costume with distinctive designs. 

Nowadays, both handicrafts and clothes with unique decorations and special weaving from various ethnic groups are widely sold in souvenirs shops of the Old Quarter.

3. Hand - made products

Handicrafts in Hanoi diversity from lacquer ware, mother-of-pearl inlaid furniture, ceramics, sandalwood statuettes, watercolors, oil paintings, prints and assorted antiques (real and imitation). Hang Gai, To Tich, Hang Khai and Cau Go Street are significant shopping destinations. The price fluctuations from 3-7 USD depending on each item

4. Dried fruits

It would be a big error if you forget to taste dried spiced beef and dried sweetened fruits or vegetables available on Old Quarters. Besides, Hanoi is the unique place you can see such delicious and authentic “Ô Mai” in Vietnam. This type of junk food is very rich in term of species which ones may spend up to million and weeks to taste them all.

5. Cốm Làng Vòng (Vong Village nuggets)

Specialty old Cốm Làng Vòng made from yellow flowers sticky rice, two times for one year. So if traveler wanna taste the delicious "Cốm", you should taste on the time from July till November. It will be in Autumn, that's so great time for experience.

The Cốm is made with the original meaning is a gift after the festival. In the past, bridegroom wants to please her parents immediately brought it for donations. Every autumn, has many women bring "Com" and go around – ai cốm đi (who would like to get Com - here here here),  sounded familiar. Coming to Hanoi, who do not remember a famous appetite present that tenders rice. The first gift you should buy in Hanoi  Tour

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