Top place of West lake and nearby in Hanoi

West Lake (Ho Tay) is a freshwater lake in the center of Hanoi, Vietnam. With a shore length of 17 km (about 10.6 miles), there are many nice scenes with many surrounding gardens, temple and fair option in West Lake

Tay Ho Weekend market on To Ngoc Van Streets

The Tay Ho Weekend Market is open annual Saturday morning from 8:30 a.m to 12.30 p.m except Vietnamese New Year’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day

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The Tay Ho Weekend Market makes a new shopping style for Hanoians: buy really safe & tasty food, talk to the producers and have fun with your family and friends!

Initially,  Tay Ho Weekend Market started by dedicated people working in Food Safety in Vietnam. gathering a group of ethical suppliers who try to make a difference in Vietnamese food sector and are committed to serving customers with the best quality products. Safety, natural origins, and good taste are some common things making housewives absolutely assured

Countryside Scenery around Quang An

Quang An is the road strangely changes to Yen Phu. To avoid time- wasting, travelers are suggested  going straight up that and follow the shore lane around to Quang An. Quang An is around West lake that the scenery is the best with paddies of crops with huge leaves and ponds beside the lake to see.

Truc Bach Lake

Truc Bach Lake among the most seriously polluted in Hanoi. It's nearby historical sites include Quan Thanh Temple to the southwest of the lake, Chau Long Pagoda to the east, An Tri Temple) on Pho Duc Chinh Street, and Cẩu Nhi temple on a small hill near the northern corner of the lake.

It was separated from the West Lake by the construction of a narrow dike (Cổ Ngư, "reinforcement") in the 17th century to allow raising fish

Quan Thanh Temple

The Quan Thanh Temple is called the oldest temple in Hanoi. It is a Taoist temple used to worship the Taoist god Tran Vu.The temple was first established on this site in the 11th century during the reign of Ly Thai To (1010–1028), the emperor who was credited with founding Hanoi. It is almost a thousand years old, so it has probably been renovated or remodeled many times.

Quang Ba flower market

Waking up very early in the morning and take a ride to the busy night flower market full of flowers, aroma, locals and continues until just past sunrise. It’s the floral hub for wholesalers who arrive with bundles of roses and daisy tied to bikes and mopeds.

Even if you have no any plan to buy flowers, it is an ideal place for taking photograph. Quang Ba flower market, located in Tay Ho district, meets year-round at 2 am