Tour brochure in Da Nang for traveler

Da Nang is probably most known among Vietnamese for its beauty so Danang hight volume of visitors, residents’ lives take place the way they have been for years. Coming to Danang, there are some information you should notice to make the best trip

The most appropriate time the visitor should come in Danang

Danang is a city located in the South Central region, the climate is a typical tropical monsoon, high and low temperature fluctuations, so you should travel in the summer from June to August is the time watching the most beautiful sea and beach relaxation. This is also the period in which the most touristy.

Transportation to Danang

There is 3 common transportation to travel in Danang: Aircraft, coach, and train.Airplanes are the most recommendation you should use when traveling to Da Nang. The Da Nang International Airport has located 2 km from the city center so it’s easy to come to your destination. You can use the coach to coming to Danang. In Hanoi, you can catch the coach to Danang at Giap  Bat station or Groundwater stations. And in Saigon, you buy tickets at the Eastern station. you can choose the form of transportation based on time and budget funds of each person.

Top some famous place you should not miss traveling in Danang


 1. Son Tra Peninsula

One of the most famous place you must visit when coming to Danang is Son Tra Peninsula. Son Tra is a perfect getaway from the city and perfects for those wondering what to do in Da Nang. There are plenty of natural beaches along the peninsula and so many excellent viewpoints, making this one of the most unspoiled beautiful places in Da Nang

2. Ngu Hanh Son ( Five Elements Mountains)

Ngu Hanh Son is a cluster of marble and limestone hills just 7km from the city. The mountains are full of caves, tunnels and Buddhist shrines just waiting to be explored!

If coming to Ngu Hanh Son,  you can climb to the summit of one of the mountains, offering absolutely spectacular views over the entire area. 

 3. Han River Bridge

Han River Bridge, a symbol of tourism in Da Nang, is the only rotation in Vietnam today. Every day, the center of the bridge will turn 90 degrees around the axis at 0h30, paving the way for large ships pass, and come back the same at 3:30.

4. Dragon Bridge

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Dragon Bridge was inaugurated in 2013, straight connector road from Da Nang airport to the My Khe Beach and Marble Mountain.

The list of things to do in Danang just goes on and on. Traveler need at least 3-4 days trip to discover all tourist attractions in Da nang  

How to book the best price Danang hotel

There are also a number of tour companies that can help you ride the Hai Van Pass if you aren’t a confident motorbike rider. Previously, Apro Travel introduced a few recipes to hunt cheap  booking deal, the way to make hotel reservation online to save money for looking for the best price Danang hotel