Trang Tien Plaza – Authentic & Luxury Hanoi shopping paradise

Trang Tien Plaza, a symbol landmark set at the corner of Hoan Kiem Lake right in the city center. The complex's construction began on April 30, 2000,  coincides with 25th anniversary of The liberation of the south of Vietnam and was finished after 18 months of construction.

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Adapted in the elegant French style of architecture, Trang Tien Plaza is open and exhibits a true sense of style and class. Trang Tien Plaza is the first high-end luxury shopping center in Hanoi with various far-famed international brands under one roof. Flagship stores of Louis Vuitton, Dior, Zegna, BVLGARI, Versace and several desirable brands. Here is the most consummate stop for a shopping spree.

Trang Tien Plaza offers more than 215,000 square feet (20,000 square meters) space for offices, retail shops, coffee and food outlets. It was divided into 6 distinct categories. First-floor display apparel and fashion stores; 2nd floor are fashion and cell-phones Stores (Bally, Furla, Ralph Lauren); 3rd  floor  have many Household equipment Stores; 4th floor are  supermarkets and grocery retailers; 5th floor are Offices and Restaurants; the last floor are offices rental

Like many luxury shopping centers, Trang Tien Plaza provides each customer, from  18 years old and above,  who have bought at least once here a private Loyalty card. For receipts at shops collecting cash through Trang Tien Plaza cashier counters, points will be accumulated at cashier counters, the client just presents the card to the cashier before proceeding with payment. Cardholder must present loyalty card, receipt(s) and purchased goods for accumulating points. The point must be gathered within the same day of purchase.

Privileges may vary from time to time, additional promotions will be announced when available. If any lost or damaged of the card, the customer must contact Trang Tien Plaza Info Counter at once to get a replacement. A replacement fee of 50,000 VND will be applied. All accumulated points of the lost card will be automatically transferred to the new card.
after that,  you are advised to update your own personal information. This can be done at Trang Tien Plaza Info counter.
The loyalty card is the property of Trang Tien Plaza Co. Ltd and will not be transferable. If found, please return to Trang Tien Plaza to get back owner. Especially, the loyal card will be upgraded to VIP card (Privileges) when accumulating 500 points within 1 year from the day the Member card is activated.

In Trang Tien Plaza, charge for – Motorbike parking is VND2000/entry and after VND3000/entry. For car parking, first 2 hours: VND 40,000 and 20,000 for an hour extra. From Monday to Friday  Trang Tien Plaza’s opening hour from 9.30 am to 21.30 pm, and for Weekends and public holidays: 9.30 am – 22.00 pm

 Trang Tien Plaza represents the essence of Hanoi’s elegant culture and is more than just a shopping mall has set foot in the Plaza. In Trang Tien Plaza, with large budget, you can shop many luxury goods and comfortable enjoy high- end lifestyle in Vietnam’s capital