Travel Green for Earthday 2013

Go a little further than Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and cut the carbs… your carbon footprint that is. Choose holiday activities that use transportation fueled by sustainable energy or reduce carbon emissions by taking advantage of public transportation during your trip. If you still think it’s not easy being green, we’ll show you fun sightseeing tours for both adventure and Mother Nature.

Electric Cas visiting Hanoi Old Quarter.

Electric-car-HanoiThe city tours are designed to take visitors around places of interest in Hanoi ’s Old quarter and Hoan Kiem lake. This type of car will not only serve tourists but also passengers without bulky luggage. Each car has up to 12 seats, with a ticket price set at around 10,000 dong per tour. Tickets are sold on the car and at stations. This is the first time Hanoi has used this type of vehicle.




Cycling tour

Cycling countryside Hoi An

Immerse yourself for one day in the Vietnamese countryside. This bicycle tour will take you far away from the regular tourist itinerary and deep within the true Vietnam, where you will discover the customs and ageless traditions of the Vietnamese people living in the countryside. You will unforgettable moments deep in the heart of this region. A truly unique experience.





Halong bay cruise on Ecoboat

Eco Boat cruise Halong

The EcoBoat is a environmental education classroom, which cruises the waters of Ha Long Bay’s World Natural Heritage Site. Starting on-shore, our hands-on, field science program invites you to explore and investigate the karst islets and caves, coral-sand beaches, and mangrove forests within the Bay’s emerald waters, and learn how local communities create and sustain their livelihoods from this bio-diverse and geologically unique marine environment.

The EcoBoat program offers one-day and multi-day EcoVoyages with curriculum and activities designed for primary and secondary school students as well as college and adult organizations. For school programs, we can collaboratively design a program of activities that aligns with curricular needs (science, social studies, art, literature, English) and which is appropriate to the age and development of the students.

Green Eco-lodge

Home Stay

Friendly, comfortable accommodations in a lovely traditional stilt house with modern amenities, great food and homemade rice wine. We’re a sustainable fruit farm with outreach projects to help subsistence-level farmers replace low-value, environmentally-destructive annual crops with tree crops. Hiking, fishing, swimming available.