Tuan Chau Island – Heaven of Halong Bay

Whenever refer to Tuan Chau Island, people will say it is really the most attractive site of Ha Long with numerous constructions for the sake of pleasing tourist. From the entrance of this tourism complex, tourists can see a chain of international standard villas. Going deeper into the island, streets of foods courts and five luxury restaurants designed with the ancient royal architecture are able to serve up to 1,000 customers.

The most favorite site in Halong by is its artificial beach that attracts not only domestic but also foreign tourists on weekends. The beach is clean with smooth white sand, creating a huge space for teaming activities and game playing. The wave is gentle which is very safe for both children and adults. What would be more leisure than you can swim and gap the beautiful view of Halong at dawn or in sunset time?.

Ho Chi Minh mausoleum – an important historical attraction of Hanoi

Especially, Tuan Chau Island is well known for its entertainment and recreation activities. From the main road just before you reach Halong city, you will see a modern archway which serves as the main entrance to Tuan Chau Island. The drive in will take about 5 minutes over a man-made reclaimed road. A huge modern entertainment complex which can seat up to 2,000 people holds dolphin and seal shows, a high tech water fountain with music, laser lighting and film showing on the water screen and an interesting crocodile show. There is parking available while taxis are seen outside the entrance of the island.

A newly built jetty that offers cruises to Halong Bay is lined with a 4km man-made beach occupied with local cafes and restaurants, a large building with ferry and cruise counters, a modern karaoke club and disco making this island a destination for locals and also foreign travelers. There is also a luxury Halong Bay Cruise company operating from here and prices are around US$200 and above per person.

At present, on the island, there is a combination of services of entertainment and performances, which are the most spectacular in the North, a complex of luxury hotels, restaurants and beach are under service. Next to the beach are groups of 5 star villas bringing VIPs and businessmen comfort and relaxation. On the island, tourists can join some water sports such as high-speed water slides motorcycle, surfing, fishing on Ha Long sea, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping, and cruising, etc.

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