Tuan Chau Tourist Zone in Ha Long, Vietnam

Tuan Chau Island Tourist Zone is a tourism center of Ha Long Bay Tour, which is only 8 kilometers away from downtown Ha Long. The whole area of this island is about 2.2 square kilometers, which consists of multiple skew hills.

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Thought with limited stretch, covering approximately 3km2, Tuan Chau island is still found here many archaeological sites of Ha Long culture because of near shore villages and sparsely populated. Residents live mainly before fishing, life pretty hard deprivation. Until 2001, a major road was built connecting the island to the mainland. Starting from there, the face of Tuan Chau varies by day and people's lives are better off. 

Tuan Chau Island is a complex of investment services: entertainment, spectacular performances in most categories north, a hotel complex, restaurants, luxury. Tuan Chau Beach with the seashore stretched along 2km will comfort any tourist who loves to immerse in the blue water. in the middle of Tuan Chau Island, tourists will be dazzled by the club providing dolphins, seals and sea lions live show, which is decorated in a modern and unique way.

Tuan Chau is really the most undeniably attractive site in Ha Long Bay Tour with numerous constructions for pleasing tourist. From the entrance of this tourism complex, tourists can see a chain of international standard villas.

Tuan Chau Beach is artificial, stretching over 2 kilometers long with white smooth sand and yellow sunshine the whole summer. Visiting Tuan Chau, you would never have to worry about your accommodation with more than 400 rooms of international standard at your service: private villa, luxury resort, or high-end hotel.

In Tuan Chau, tourists might also enjoy a variety of exciting activities like Jet Ski, canoes parachute, sea fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping, or lavish services and entertainment such as dolphin show, the seal show, circus, and martial art show 6 days a week (except Monday). Come to Tuan Chau Island, come to the heaven on Earth.

During in Tuan Chau Island, a visitor can participate in such water sports activities, high-speed water skiing motorbike, windsurfing, fishing, boating, hot air balloon tours exploring Halong Bay or mountain climbing, trekking, camping, etc. Such services as dolphins, seals, sea lions performance; animal circus and martial arts will serve three times a day during the week, except for Monday. 

Every year, Tuan Chau welcomes millions of tourists. With many fun activities at sea, to where tourists can enjoy a diversity as well abundance culinary culture, but there is nowhere. The seafood is always fresh and delicious, nutritious, hygienic is processed in a way very own residents on the island. Moreover, to keep international travelers, first class chefs were sent to Tuan Chau to cook special dishes. Tuan Chau beach will probably not inferior to any popular beach in Vietnam, became an ideal destination for tourists both domestic and foreign. 

Ticket fare in Tuan Chau tourist Zone

See dolphins or country music: 100,000 class fares per adults

VND 60,000 a turn for children

Note: Ticket prices do not include admission: VND 40,000 / adults, VND 20,000 / children.

Admission Tuan Chau area: 200,000 VND / person

Tuan Chau way fork Postal hotel about 13km. Price looks automobiles: VND30,000per unit.