What’s interesting in Saigon center?

Saigon(nowaday it‘s called Ho Chi Minh City) is a vibrant Vietnamese region and cultural crossroads where the old meets the new. In Saigon Tour, you need at least 1 day to explore a dynamic and also unique Saigon

Sightseeing Saigon Center on Saigon’s rooftop bars 

There’s no better place to party in style than a sleek rooftop bar in Saigon Midnight. Viewing overalls of the vibrant city and beyond, Saigon’s rooftop bars are rated as some of the best in the world.

Go up to the 30th or 31st floor at night to have a drink or more to view the whole Saigon midnight is not easily to forget.
In Saigon Center rooftop, Attracting a steady clientele of foreigner, celebrities as well as prime locals and tourists, beverage and food served at rooftop bars here are comfortable on the pricier side. Nevertheless, with excellent service, stylish decoration, and lively crowd, a night out (or two) at Ho Chi Minh’s most popular rooftop bars is definitely well worth the extra expense

Best shopping in Saigon Center

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh is truly one of the highlights of dynamic Saigon. New shopping malls are growing up all over downtown Saigon. Following, they bring much various international fashion brands to meet the most demanding of the fashionista.Beside, Saigon market offers all items four your demand, from the food to jewelry.

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Boutique fashion is more prominent here than almost anywhere else in Southeast Asia, where bespoke items can be bought at a fraction of what they cost elsewhere. Markets in Ho Chi Minh are also highly recommended as they still play a central role in the daily lives of locals and visitors – truly a shopping experience you won’t forget quickly.

Enjoy Saigon junk food

Street food is a special culinary culture of Vietnam, especially in Sai Gon, every type of food can be found here, so junk food too.

                                                             IllustrationSaigon Street Food Vendor at night market

As a tourist, walking around Sai Gon, either central districts or narrow alley of nowhere, you may be glamor by many colorful junk foods everywhere and anytime. You should try at least one time in your life something new. Saigon eateries offer up delicious, cheap food in an informal environment on the city’s sidewalks. Eating street food is the best thing to do in Saigon. 

Drink Saigon café in whole day

Like most central cities, Saigon has its own thriving cafe scene. From the cheapest street ‘ca phe’ or fresh fruit juice to a wallet-stripping cappuccino amidst high-class upholstery, free wifi and luxury furniture, Saigon’s cafes offer some of the best coffees and freshest drinks in Asia

While Hanoi is referred to pavement (trà dá vỉa hè) culture, people think of the cup of hot tea that old people sitting along the road. Saigoneer get relaxed moments  drink a cheap café in every morning